Welcome to Awaken Games


My name is William Anderson, a.k.a. (Bill) and I would like to welcome you to my professional portfolio web site.  No matter if you’re visiting looking for some design help with your own gaming projects or here out of curiosity about my lengthy history as a Senior Game Designer and Developer, I’m sure you will find your visit interesting.

After over 30+ years of designing video games across nearly all platforms I’ve managed to amass a large collection of my game designs, most of which can be accessed through this site.

These are just some of the 30+ published games I’ve worked on over the years.
Please check out my full work Portfolio to see them all and how I can help your company design for success!


Please contact me today to discuss your project’s needs!
Will@AwakenGames.com or Bill@PrimeCandidateInc.com
(909) 281-7088 or Skype (MagicByDesign)