Alien Harvest – Project

Indiegogo Campain:

Just imagine that far off in a distant galaxy, caught in the middle of an intergalactic civil war you are trying to make a living as a farmer, but not just any farmer, an Alien Farmer.

In this game, you have to raise and sell to the highest bidder some of the most hostile creatures in the galaxy.

Alien Harvest is a game that takes the best gameplay of Starcraft mixed with the humor of The Simpsons to bring you a galactic world-building adventure game like no other to date.

Where other games like Starcraft, 8-Bit Army, and other such games have limited missions to accomplish, Alien Harvest isn’t about completing a few goals and then moving on to another mission.  Instead, Alien Harvest is all about finding a suitable and stable planet to establish your alien farming business on, building it up, growing an ever-expanding crop of aliens to sell and defending it.

This may sound easy, but there is a lot to running an alien farm that will take strategy game players far beyond these past gaming products, for there will be an in-depth resource management system build into the game that will go beyond what players have seen before.

There will also be relationships that the player will have to establish with many warring factions in the universe, along with an alien auction market they will have to become really skilled at to reach high profitability.

If that doesn’t sound exciting enough, the player will also be competing against other neighboring alien farms for clients, resources and new aliens that will come on the market throughout the course of the game, along with Raiders who will attempt to steal your crop of aliens or sabotage your operation.

All is fair in alien farming and war, and to make a great living in this hostile frontier you will have to be much more skilled than just erecting buildings and moving people around, you will have to master the fine details of running a business in a galactic warzone.

Key Features:

  • Selectable level of difficulty from novice to advance players.
  • Ability to select from 5 different warring galaxies.
  • Anywhere from 5-10 different planets within each different galaxy to select from.
  • Over 100 different aliens to raise and sell.
  • 25 different alien farm structures to build and work with.
  • 10 different farm vehicle types.
  • 10 different airships.
  • 5 different spaceships to work with.
  • 10 different alien farmhands, with different capabilities.
  • 5 different warring races, with 5 different spaceship types and ground forces.
  • 3 types of Raiders.
  • Different weather events that can affect farming conditions.
  • Each different planet will have its own pros and cons as to resources and hazards.
  • The player can set up alliances with different warring factions for added protection.
  • Network with other alien farms to better compete with other alien farms.
  • In-game alien marketplace where aliens and resources can be bought and traded.
  • An alien auction house where the player can take his best aliens to sell.
  • Random events that will keep the game challenging.
  • Ability to establish a fleet of trader ships and remote trading outpost on other planets.
  • The normal farm building tools lets you build up your alien farm and expand on it as needed.
  • Brought to you by the former Manager of Design for Namco, Capcom’s former Senior Game Designer and lead game designer on over 30 published games.

Stretch Goals:

If we manage to reach our stretch funding goal of $125K these are the added features we are looking to add to the game.

Ability to network with other players alien farms.
Ability to trade and auction with other players.
Alien Harvest isn’t a game you just simply pick up, play for an hour or two and then move on, it is a never ending RTS adventure that grows with you and you’re ability to run a successful business in deep space.


Early Access Rewards:
Stage 1: $5 – Unlocks exclusive aliens
Stage 2: $10 – Unlocks Stage 1, pulse unlocks exclusive buildings.
Stage 3: $20 – Unlocks Stage 1&2, plus unlocks exclusive farm hands with new abilities.
Stage 4: $30 – Unlocks Stage 1,2&3, plus unlocks new worlds.
Stage 5: $50 Unlocks Stage 1,2,3&4, plus unlocks a new galaxy map and game will come in a real game box to your door.

Note: All Early Access Sponsors will be credited in the game.

With your support will make history in RTS gaming and take over the galaxy