Games In Development

Outside of all of the work I do for other companies, I’ve always believed that it’s important to keep my hands into development myself, so along with running some of my own websites I also game a number of new games in development here at Awaken Games.

My Resume

When you have been designing for as long as I have, you build up a resume that is extremely long, when you outline all of the different things I have done over the years, but if you really want to know about my work experience then here you go!

Game Design Archive

When I started working in-house as a Professional Game Designer, I made it a point to always share my experience with others and those wanting to learn, so over the years, I have amassed a large Design Archive of my work.

How Do I Work

Through ongoing conversations and competitive product research, I work with my clients to find out what their goals are in developing their website, app or gaming product and then I develop a comprehensive design that can be followed to develop the end-product. 


Over the years I’ve had the great pleasure of working with some really wonderful people from all over the world, and here is what they have to say. 

Contact Me Today!

Time is Money, and when it comes to planning out your Website Project, Mobile App or Game Project, or fixing issues you are currently having, there is no time to waste, so let’s talk today.

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