“Welcome to Awaken Games the home of William Anderson, professional game designer for over 35 years and current Indie Game Designer and Developer. As a leading game play designer with decades of experience designing products for such companies as Virgin Games, Spectrum HoloByte, Alexandria, Inc., Oddworld Inhabitants, Namco, Capcom, 3DO, Jailed Games, Ready at Dawn Studios and FarSight Studios.

Throughout the years I have led the game play designs on many well-known games, such as, Daxter; Maximo Ghost to Glory; Abes Oddysee; Aladdin (Game of the Year); Jungle Book; Cool Spot and Global Gladiators (Sega’s 3rd Party Game of the Year). Along with these highlights I have also worked on Pinball Hall of Fame (The Williams Collection); Hard Rock Casino; Hotel for Dogs; Vacation Isle; NFL Rush Zone; Robocop vs The Terminator; The Terminator (Sega CD); Heart of the Alien (Sega CD); Treasures of the Deep and Scarface. I also established, designed and produced the bestselling Game Party franchise for the Nintendo Wii.

My design work has been recognized as so groundbreaking that samples of my game designs have been used my many universities, including the Art Institute of California.”

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