Welcome to Awaken Games

Welcome to Awaken Games

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My name is William Anderson, a.k.a. (Bill) to all my clients and friends and I currently work as an Independent Game Designer and Game Industry Consultant out of my studio here in Big Bear City, California.

What does an Independent Game Designer do?
I’m glad you asked, for an Independent Game Designer provides all or some of the game design documents needed for a game developer to develop their game. This can include Game Design Documents, A.I. Flowcharts/ Diagrams and Full Level Designs, outlining the play-through of a game.

Just like an Architect is needed to map out the construction of a building and a full business plan is needed before starting a new company venture, game designs are needed to map out the play of any successful gaming product.

This is where I come in!

With over 30 years of actual in-house game design experience there are few who can match my experience in the area of game design and even fewer can match my rates for game designs, for you can’t employ an in-house game designer for what it cost to work with me.  Also, unlike any in-house designer all of my work is guaranteed. That’s right, if you’re not happy with the work, you don’t pay!

If this sounds like a working relationship you would like to explore more, then please Contact Me and we’ll schedule a time to talk.

-Bill Anderson / Owner Awaken Games


These are just some of the 30+ published games I’ve worked on over the years.
Please check out my full work Portfolio to see them all and how I can help your company design for success!


Please contact me today to discuss your project’s needs!
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