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My Services

  Interactive Entertainment Consulting.
  Concept and Game Design Development.
  Level Game Play Designs.
  Game Story and Character Dialog.
  Game Mechanics & A.I. Designs.
   Help Brainstorming New Ideas.
  Project Production Planning.
  Competitive Product Research.

  Staffing and Recruiting.
  Business Plan Development.

I started out designing and programming video games back in the 1980’s and to date, I’ve worked on over 30 plus published game titles across nearly all platforms.

Former Senior Game Designer for Capcom, Manager of Design and Producer of Orignal Concepts for Namco, Senior Game Designer for Midway Home Entertainment and Lead Game Designer for Virgin Games and Ready at Dawn Studios, just to name a few.  

Awaken Games provides game design service to large and small game developers, including small-team indie game developers, along with interactive consulting to website developers looking to get more out of their services.


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