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I’m a Game Developer, Senior Game Designer, Interactive Entertainment Consultant and Recruiter. I’ve been a professional game developer now for over 35 years and have been a lead game designer for such game companies as CAPCOM, NAMCO and Midway Home Entertainment just to name a few.


Currently, Independent Game Developers and large game developers alike come to me when they are looking for New Game Concepts, Full Game Designs, Level Designs for Indie Games, RPG’s, MMO’s, Action Adventures and many More, Help with Development Issues, Recruiting, Recommendations on Staffing and Consulting with Venture Capital Companies. They also come to me with existing game concepts and designs when they are looking to push them to the next level or just want some insurance on market viability.


Here are just some of the other 30+ published games I’ve worked on over the years!


Outside of working as a game design I also work as a Recruiter, helping to track down some of the best programmers, artists and development professionals around.  To aid me in this work I created my own proprietary recruiting database program, designed and programmed exclusively by me to handle the needs of finding game developers.  I also created and manage the Game Artists and Designers Network on LinkedIn, which currently has over 7000 members worldwide.

Please contact me today to discuss your project’s needs!
Will@AwakenGames.com / (909) 4969651

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