Professional Designs and Interactive Content Consulting


After being a Lead Game Play Designer working in-house for such well-known game companies as CAPCOM, NAMCO, Midway Home Entertainment, Ready at Dawn Studios and Virgin Games, just to name a few and leading the play designs on many hit games I created Awaken Games in 2007, as a way to provide affordable game designs and play consulting services to large and small developers alike.


Architectural Game Design (AGD) is a term I came up with in 1991 and have been teaching to new game designers for decades now.  It’s a process by which I plan out all of the play for a game or entertainment product out on paper first, before any code or art development starts, in much the same way a building architect plans out the construction of a building first.

Awaken Games / (909) 496-1419 / Skype: MagicByDzn / Will(at)

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