Star Trek – Project Star Fire

When I came to work for Spectrum HoloByte they were working on some new VR tech called the Toaster Project and I was given the assignment to develop a new Star Trek game for it.  The project name was called Star Trek – Project Star Fire and was meant to introduce a single man fighter to the Star Trek universe.

At the time most of the team was still developing the technology, so I had time to work out the game design, and more importantly to my geek side I got to work closely with Andrew Probert, famed Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica concept artist.


By the time I arrived at the studio to start working on the new design he had already come up with an outward design for the ship, so I took his image and added the technical spec see here that would go into the game play.

Star Trek Fighter1

(More Design Notes to Come!)

Unfortunately, the project was scrapped when Spectrum HoloByte merged with MicroPros and I was laid off with much of R&D at the time.