My Games

My Games in Development at Awaken Games

While I mainly design products for others, I’ve always thought it was important to stay active in game development myself.  So all of the games you see here have been designed, programmed and developed by me here at Awaken Games.

Melting Point

Melting Point is a crazy action puzzle game for the PC where you have to clear out most of the pesky ice that is infesting your world. A challenging task for water of any kind is dangerous to you, but fortunately, each level is filled with mechanics and fireworks you can use to help out.

[Melting Point Manual]


Daffy Fish

Daffy Fish is a game created in the spirit of the Flappy Bird classic, but with the added complexity of being a flying fish that must return to the water to survive.

(In Development)

Chips & Tacos

Chips & Tacos is a Pac-Man style game with a bit of a Spanish twist, where you navigate a number of randomly generated mazes eating all of the Chips while avoiding hot chili peppers.

(In Development)

Extreme Lander

Extreme Lander is an updated version of the old Arcade Classic Lunar Lander that came out in 1979.  The goal of this game is to navigate your lander around an alien planet to rescue all of the stranded astronauts.

(In Development)

Hillbilly Ruckus

Hillbilly Ruckus is a good-old-boys backyard shooter games, with a bit of a hillbilly twist. 

(In Development)

Yeti Rampage

Yeti Rampage is a strategic adventure game, done in much the same way as the old classic text adventures were done, where planning and surviving in the wild were key to success.

(In Development)