My Bio

My name is William Anderson and I was the first dedicated Game Designer ever employed in the United States in 1991, working for Virgin Games in Irvine, California.  I have been a game developer, Product Manager, and senior designer for over three decades now, having worked in-house for many of the top developers and publishers in the world.  I’m also a US and international business consultant, designer, writer and ghostwriter, contributing game development articles to industry books and websites.

I first started designing and programming video games back in the 1980’s when I was making strategy games for the Atari 8-Bit computer systems, and through the natural course of evolution graduated up to the Atari 16-Bit computers when they came out.

But I really got my big break in in-house game development when employed by Virgin Games in Irvine, CA in early 1991.
I was the first Game Designer ever hired by Virgin Games, for having a dedicated person assigned to just developing the game design for a product was unheard of at that time, but it really paid off when “Global Gladiators, the first game I designed for the company went on to receive a lot of acclaim and to become Sega’s 3rd Party Game of the Year.

From there I would go on to design the gameplay for “Cool Spot”, “Jungle Book” and the blockbuster “Aladdin”, which to date holds the record for the shortest development time for a hit console title, that being less than 4 months and the most sales on a single platform, over 4-million units worldwide and also became Game of the Year. Later I would go on to lead the gameplay development on “Abes Oddysee” And then over to CAPCOM to be Senior Game Designer on “Maximo Ghost to Glory”, the 3D re-envisioning of CAPCOM’s Classic Ghouls ‘n Ghost.

List of All of the Games I’ve Worked On

  1. Domino Rally – Contract Game Designer
  2. Melting Point – Senior Game Designer
  3. Babes vs Robots – Contract Level Design
  4. Cold Energy – Contract Senior Game Designer
  5. MuMUHug – Contract Senior Game Designer
  6. Vacation Isle – Senior Game Designer
  7. Hotel for Dogs – Senior Game Designer
  8. Pinball Hall of Fame – Assistant Producer & Pinball Tech
  9. NFL Rush Zone – Designed 3D Stadiums
  10. Hard Rock Casino – Assistant Producer
  11. Game Party – Senior Game Designer
  12. Game Party 2 – Concept Designer
  13. Game Party 3 – Concept Designer
  14. Scarface – Combat Area Level Designer
  15. Daxter – Senior Game Designer
  16. Gauntlet – Senior World Designer
  17. Army Men Sarges War – Contract Level Designer
  18. Maximo – Senior Game Designer
  19. Abes Oddysee – Senior Game Play Designer
  20. Izzy’s Quest – Lead Game Designer
  21. Aladdin – Senior Game Designer
  22. The Jungle Book –  Lead Game Designer
  23. Cool Spot – Lead Game Designer
  24. Global Gladiators – Lead Game Designer
  25. Out of the World – Consultant Designer
  26. RoboCop vs The Terminator – Game Design & Level Designer
  27. The Terminator  – Concept Designer
  28. Dweabys Quest – Designer/Programmer/Artist
  29. Legends – Designer/Programmer/Artist
  30. Legends II – Designer/Programmer/Artist