Melting Point


Concept, Play Design, Art and Programming

William H. Anderson

Additional Art by David Gonzalez, Derrick Gremillon and Jason Dube

Game Play Overview

The object of the game is to take your Fire Sprite on a journey through a number of unique puzzle levels on a quest to rid them of pesky ice formations , sounds easy enough, if it wasn’t for the fact that ice is his natural enemy and each level is a labyrinth of iron walkways, pipes, and valves that must be navigated carefully to survive.

Because this is a puzzle game where it is possible to get trapped or make costly errors in strategy, the player has the option of [Restarting] a level at any time by pressing [Esc] on the keyboard.

The Player


In Melting Point you play a cute little Fire Sprite as he sets out to clear ice blocks that are taking over his industrial world.

A tricky quest, for in this game he only has the ability to move left, right and down via normal gravity. So to navigate back up he will need to rely on other means found along the way.

At the start of each new level, your player is given (3) lives and must guard them carefully in a naturally hostile environment.


image1   image2


Game Controls

keys1 Move Left or Right
keys2  Player Shock Wave Push
keys3 Pause Game/ Restart Level/ Quit Play

Shock Wave Push


The player has the ability to push some items around in the game by way of his Shock Wave Push.  This is done by pressing the [Space Bar] on the keyboard.

Note that the player must be right next to the item he wants to push and each time the Shock Wave push is used it will cost (3) units of health.

The items that can be pushed are…

spr_iron_block2 cherryb1 m80

Score and Bonus System

As the player goes through each level in the game he will collect points for melting ice, setting off fireworks, using power-ups and collecting gems. He will also receive an extra (hidden) level bonus for not losing lives and the % of ice cleared from each game level. These extra bonus points are tallied at the successful completion of all of the levels in a game World.

If the player loses all of his lives and decided to (Replay) then all of his bonus points collected, up to that level in that game World would be lost.

Game Items

player1 The Player Character
This is the player’s normal state through most of the game.
When in this state the player will take (1) unit of damage from each Normal Ice Block he melts and (2) units of damage for each Hard Ice Block he melts.

player2 The Player Character (Super Hot State)
The player enters into the Blue Fire state by collecting a Blue Fire Crystal, and when in this state will not take any damage from melting Normal Ice Blocks, only Hard Ice.

This is a temporary state, so the player must move quickly to take advantage of it.

red_crystal1 Red Fire Crystal
Red Fire Crystals are worth (50) points and will restore the player to full health.

blue_crystal1 Blue Fire Crystal (Full Health + Temporary Super Hot State)
Blue Fire Crystals will temporarily put the player into his Super Hot State and give him (50) points.

While in this state the player won’t take damage from Normal  Ice Blocks, only Hard Ice. 

spr_gas_can1 Gas Can
The Gas Can restore up to (5) units of health for the player and give him (5) points.

red_crystal2 Small Red Fire Crystal ( 1 Unit of Health)
The Small Red Fire Crystals will restore (1) unit of health each

spr_iron_block0 Iron Blocks
The Iron Blocks make up the walls and floors for each level in the game.

spr_ice_type1 Normal Ice Block
Normal Ice Blocks fill a lot of the levels in the game and must be cleared out by the player.
Each is worth (10) points.  Normal Ice Blocks are subject to gravity.

spr_ice_type2 Hard Ice
Hard Ice is somewhat like Normal Ice Blocks, but as the name imply harder and therefor cost more health points to melt.  Each of these is worth (10) points. Hard Ice is subject to gravity.

spr_iron_block1 Iron Blocks
Iron Blocks are most of the time found as a falling hazard in the game, but luckily they take a bit of time to start falling, giving the player time to run underneath them.  These items are an instant death for the player if caught underneath one.

spr_iron_block2 Movable Iron Blocks
The Movable Iron Blocks are somewhat like the normal Iron Blocks but can be pushed left or right by the player with his Shock Wave Push.

spr_dirt_block1 Dirt Block
Dirt Blocks block some paths for the player but can be cleared out of the way by using either a Cherry Bomb, M80, Block Buster or Roman Candle.

spr_pipe1 Navigation Pipes
Pipes make up the special navigation paths for the player in the game.

valve1 Pipe Valve
These special valves can control two different aspects of pipes in the game, for they can either open a Pipe Lid or turn on the air flow for a pipe, letting the player gain access.

pipe_lid1 Pipe Lid
The Pipe Lids block off the players access to a pipe and can only be opened by way of the Pipe Valve.

trapdoor1  trap_door_arm1 Trap Doors and Trap Door Control
Trap Doors can be opened or closed to let the player navigate to different parts of a level and can only be opened by using the Trap Door Control.


  lift_switch1 Iron Block Lift and Iron Iron Block Lift Switch
These special Iron Block devices can block the players path, until lowered out of the way by way of the Iron Block Lift Switch.

spring1 Spring
The Spring device will let the player jump up to location normally out of reach.  There is a slight delay before activation, so the player can pass over them quickly.


waterbaloon1 Water Balloon
The Water Balloons are a falling hazard for the player and they are instant death if he comes in contact with one.  Luckily  there is a slight delay before they fall, so the player has time to race underneath before it falls.


oil1 Oil Drum
When the player comes in contact with an Oil Drum it will catch fire and explode, producing two mini-fireballs that well head out left and right from the drums location.  These little fireballs will take out Ice Blocks for the player, without causing him any damage, they will also light any fireworks they come in contact with.




cherryb1  Cherry Bomb
Cherry Bombs will produce a small explosion that can take out any Dirt Blocks in the area.


m80 M80
M80’s will a larger explosion somewhat like the Cherry Bomb, but with larger radius. 


spr_screamer1 Screamer
Screamers are the only fireworks in the game that came melt away Iron Blocks in the game.


spr_romancandle1 Roman Candle
Roman Candles will produce ca series of (4) upward projectiles that can destroy Dirt Blocks.

blockbuster1 Block Buster
Block Busters are the most powerful explosive in the game and can take out a massive are of Dirt Blocks.