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Lessons learned from being a Mechanic


Lessons learned from being a Mechanic

As some of you know from either working with me in the past or just following some of my articles, that I worked as a mechanic for a few years, before I got my big break working in-house as a full-time game designer.

One of the lessons I came away with from working in the automotive field and how it relates to the video game business, is that employees are a lot like the tools in a mechanic toolbox.

1: If you buy cheap tools then they will always let you down and need replacing.
2: If you take care of your tools then they will take care of you.
3: Always know where your tools are, so they can be deployed in a hurry to the next task.
4: Keep an eye out for the next innovation in tools, so you can do the next job better.
5: A shiny new tool isn’t always the best solution to a problem, than an older and reliable one.
6: Often it takes a hammer to deal with an immovable situation.
7: Sometimes there is more than one tool that can accomplish the same job.
8: A tool that isn’t used or useful anymore is only taking up space for new ones that are.
9: If you force a tool to do something it wasn’t designed for you risk damaging the job.
10: Always know where to buy the best tools.