In Development

Games Currently in Development at Awaken Games


Daffy Fish (Click to Play)

Daffy Fish is a crazy twist on the Flappy Birds game concept, but instead of you playing a bird you play as a flying fish, that has to return to the sea for its survival.

Status: The game is almost done (90%)
Platforms: PC/ HTML5

Chips and Tacos (Click to Play)

Chips and Tacos is a new take on Pac-Man where the goal is to navigate randomly generated mazes to collect all of the Tacos in each level.

Each time you play this unique game it’s different for all of the levels are generated randomly each time.

Status: The game is almost done (90%)
Platforms: PC/ HTML5


Extreme Lander

Extreme Lander takes all of the fun that you enjoyed in the old arcade classic Lunar Lander and combines it with elements of Choplifter and Caverns of Mars.

Status: The game is at (50%)
Platforms: PC/ HTML5


Hillbilly Ruckus (Coming Soon!)

Hillbilly Ruckus is a good old fashion hillbilly target shooting game with three modes of play, Quick Draw, Dead Eye and Showdown.  There will be a wide selection of weapons and there are selectable levels of difficulty.  (Design Page)


Yeti Rampage (Coming Soon!)
I was always a fan of the old text games like ZORK, but one I really stuck was an old adventure game called Attack of the Yeti for the TSR 80 (Radio Shack) computers.  While Yeti Rampage isn’t a full-text adventure game I try to pay homage to the spirit of these old games with this product.  (Design Page)

All of the games developed by Awaken Games are designed, programmed and developed by me with the help of donations from Awaken Games fans and subscribers.

Games Copyright by William H. Anderson and Awaken Games all rights reserved