HYTALE is Coming – Watch Out Microsoft Minecraft

Hypixel has been working on Hytale, this gem of a game for some time now and from the look of this teaser video, it’s almost ready to launch, although no date or price has been announced for it as of yet.

While everyone that knows me knows that I totally love playing around with Minecraft, I have also been really disappointed at the lack of progress Microsoft has made in advancing this concept.

Part of this I can understand, for I’m sure they don’t want to alienate the extremely vast and loyal fan base Minecraft has, but as a developer, I also have to acknowledge that Microsoft could have just split them into a deluxe version, which included more advanced features set.

But now Hytale seems to be heading to market soon and Microsoft will find themselves playing catch-up.

Microsoft has the manpower to do this quickly, but once Hytale hits the market the new Minecraft will seem like a copy of Hytale and not the other way around, a position I know Microsoft will hate finding themselves in.

Only time will tell if the video we’ve all seen of Hytale will become the Minecraft killer some have predicted or is there enough space in the gaming world for both.

Personally, I relish the competition Hytale will bring to Minecraft, for it might just be the kick in the pants Microsoft needs to finally advance that game.

What are your thoughts?

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