How Do I Work

Game Development Consulting

Game Development is not a guessing game it’s a business with a whole lot of twists and turns that many developers may not be ready for. This is because they don’t have the management or creative development experience that comes from working in the field for over three decades.

This is why many of them turn to me when they are seeking professional advice, for having in-depth experience working with such large developers as CAPCOM, NAMCO, Midway Home Entertainment and many more successful developers over the years I’ve gained the experience and insight to help my clients achieve success.

It doesn’t matter if you are working on a low-budget casual game or a multi-million dollar project, I’ve worked across them all, to know the challenges you might face along the way.

Interactive Content Consulting

My experience in helping clients achieve success doesn’t stop at video games, for understanding what people want from an Interactive Medium also extends to other platforms, such as consulting with clients on their Web Sites.

This is why I also have some clients who come to me for advice about how their sites are set up, function and interacts with the general public, for just like with gamers they want to come, find what they need quickly with the least amount of effort.

Phone Consulting

Many different Businesses, Game Developers, Product Developers and Web Developers alike from around the world often have a need to reach out to me when they have questions relating to project’s they are currently working on or planning to when they want a professional opinion or just a sounding board.

When you’re developing a game, products, service or business, ideas often fly through your mind like bats out of a cave.  Some of these ideas might be great, while others no so much and often it’s a good idea to call someone with a lot of broad experience across many different areas to be that special contact person.

If I was to explain all of the different business, inside of gaming and out that I have worked with over the years you would go crazy, so bring your ideas to me and let’s talk them out together.

Currently, I only charge $35 an hour for Phone Consulting on any professional subject.

Original Concept Creation

All great Games, Products or Businesses start off with an idea, and sometimes these ideas are great, good or terrible and we just don’t know it, because we’re too emotionally attached to it to really know.

This is why it is important to do your research or pass your seed concepts and ideas off to a professional who knows how to do the research necessary to give you an honest opinion or smooth out the rough edges to make it into something really great.

Coming into the conversation as an impartial partner lets me look at things from the outside to give you honest feedback without the emotional attachments that can often lead new projects into trouble.

Full Project Planning

Once you have a Concept flushed out for your Game, Business, Product or Service, then you will need the professional help to develop the full roadmap in the form of the documents you will need to hand off to your Partners, Investors, Development Staff or Outsourced Company so it can be created correctly.

Too often I’ve seen developers fail on small and large ventures alike, because of the practice called Design on the Fly, a costly and often catastrophic practice of trying to develop any product or business without a solid plan first.

This is where I can help because for decades that has been my job, to take an idea from Concept Proposal to Full Design where all of the nuts and bolts of a game are flushed out in the smallest details.

You can think of it this way.  If you want to build a new home, you don’t hire a builder, tell him you want a home built on a specific plot of land and then walk away and expect it to turn out the way you see it in your head.

If you did you would lose thousands of dollars, end up with a home you don’t like with any of the amenities you wanted.

What you would do is hire a Skilled and Experienced home architect to draft up the Blueprints that the builder would follow first.

This is my job, to be your Architect to draft up the plans needed to realize your final vision.

Communication and Material Pipeline

I communicate with my Clients via Phone, Skype (MagicByDesign), or through other services my clients might wish to use.  As for how Material Assets are passed back and forth, I currently use Dropbox and or they a client’s FTP service.

I’m flexible to whatever service my clients may want to use for their projects.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I know that there are a lot of Contractors out there who are good and I thank you for stopping by Awaken Games to let me pitch my services and skills to you and your business, and I also want you to be assured that my work is 100% Guaranteed!

I want clients that I can continue to work with for many years and not just on one project and then move on to the next, this is why I offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
What this means is that my clients only pay for services, materials, and designs they find of value and nothing more!

The Cost for My Services

The cost of my services are specially tailored to your project’s budget, just like they would be with an in-house employee, less, of course, the overhead cost normally associated with someone in-house.

Tools Used for Document Development

  • MS Word
  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS Excel
  • MS Visio
  • Balsamiq for Game, Apps and Web Designs
  • SketchUp for 3D Visual Mockups
  • More!