Hotel for Dogs

Hotel for Dogs was a strategy game based on the movie of the same name and on this project I was the Producer, Lead Game Designer and developed many 3D models for the game.

Bruces_Workshop1 Build Items UI City_Inspector1 Dogcatcher_Building3_P1 Dogcatcher_Building4 Dogcatcher_Radar_Map1_P1 Dogcatcher_Radar_Map1_P2 Dogcatcher_Radar_Map1_P3 Dogcatcher_Radar_Map1_P4 DS_Controls1 Flowchart Overview HFD_Basements_One HFD_Basements_Two HFD_Full_Open_Hotel_Face HFD_Lobby HFD_Opening_Hotel_Face HFD_Pet_Adoption_Area HFD_Petshop HFD_Reception_Room HFD_Top_Outside  Hotel_Notes1_Room_Gadgets hotel1_Path_Map HUD_Designs1 Wii_Flowchart1