Global Gladiators



GAME of the Year!

“Global Gladiators is on of the highest rated games ever to appear on the Genesis.” ( Sega Visions Magazine )
“Dazzling a score of Ten is reserved for the best; this is it!!!” ( Game Informer Magazine )
“Way to go! Global Gladiators is the best platform action game I’ve played since Sonic… This game is a masterpiece!” ( Die Hard Magazine )

Global Gladiators was my first platform gameplay design and the first game I designed for Virgin Games.  I designed all of the gameplay and levels for the game, except the Ice Boss section, which was designed by the lead artist and David Perry our lead programmer.


Original Game Box Art, before it won Game of the Year


Game of the Year Box Art

Download the Full-Size Game of the Year Box Art [HERE]

Global_Gladiators_01 Global_Gladiators_02 Global_Gladiators_03

Global_Gladiators_04 Global_Gladiators_05 Global_Gladiators_06

  Global_Gladiators_09 Global_Gladiators_08 Global_Gladiators_07

Global_Gladiators_10 Global_Gladiators_11 Global_Gladiators_13

Global_Gladiators_15 Global_Gladiators_16 Global_Gladiators_17

Global_Gladiators_18 Global_Gladiators_20 (1) Global_Gladiators_22

Global_Gladiators_23 Global_Gladiators_25 Global_Gladiators_26

Global_Gladiators_29 Global_Gladiators_30 Global_Gladiators_31

Global_Gladiators_33 Global_Gladiators_35