Games – Izzy

Izzy’s Quest for the Olympic Rings

My Title: Lead Game Designer

Developer: Alexandria, Inc.

Publisher: US GOLD

Date: 1995

After I left Spectrum HoloByte I ended up at a small studio in central California called Alexandria.

They had already started on the art for Izzy, a game based on a character created for the 1996 Olympics, but outside of that, no gameplay direction had been established yet.

I stepped in as the lead and only gameplay designer on the project and created all of the play designs for the game.

While some game critics hated on this game, mainly because of its character design, which we had no control over, Izzy I think is still a fun playing game and would become the last 2D action platform game I would design during the 90’s.  It was also the only game Alexandria ever produced on schedule and to 100% publisher and licensor satisfaction, earning the studio a large project bonus.  I earned a Glass Paperweight saying “Winning with Teamwork”, but that’s another story 🙁