Daffy Fish Development Update for Saturday 2/2/2019

Been a really busy few days working on the Daffy Fish project, for I’m heading into the wrap-up stage and there was a lot of clean up and tuning issues to address.  For one thing, I had to address the startup of the game, which included re-adding the game Difficulty Select.

When I first started developing this game I wanted it to have a bit of old-school feel, with an Easy-Medium and Hard gameplay setting, but I pulled it out to make the game more straight forward.  Unfortunately, as I started my main playtesting of the game I found it to be a really challenging game to play, something I really wanted it to be, but not so hard it frustrated new players.  So now with the inclusion of Easy players will only have to play through (8) of the (20) levels to win, (12) on Medium and all (20) if they really want a challenge.

Also, I’m still on a mission to make the game more lively with sea creatures, something I can focus more on this coming week.

Lastly, on the advice of one of Awaken Games registered members I’ve launched on Twitch  (https://www.twitch.tv/awakengamesnews)  Please bear with me, for I’m new to the whole Streaming thing, but the plan is to do it more often.