Cool Energy

I was contacted years ago by a Venture Capital Investor who was funding a studio, Keystone Games in Taiwan that was struggling to stay focused on a game project, so he asked me to step in to provide game design guidance on a disaster concept they were working on.

Unfortunately after a few months it became clear that the concept they were working on just didn’t fit the art and programming skills of the staff, so I pitched them a different game concept based on one of my own stories.

The game development as you can see came a long way, but Keystone Games struggled to find a publisher for the game.

As far as I know Keystone Games closed its doors some time ago, and while whomever owned Keystone Games owns the game designs I did for the game, the game story still belongs to me, for I developed it before I started working with them and we never reached a financial rights agreement on that part before they closed.