Game Development Update for 2/12/2019

It has been an exciting few days as I released Daffy Fish and a Beta of Melting Point and Chips and Taco’s out on for all to download to review and give feedback on.
Now I’m turning to a project I started many years ago but had to put on a back-burner because of the large art requirements it’s going to need to finish, Yeti Rampage.

My finances haven’t really changed as far as outsourcing the art needed for the game, but I figure I’m a good enough artist to put in some placeholder art for now ūüôā

Stay tuned in for more on Yeti Rampage as I go and when you can check out these latest games:

Daffy Fish

Melting Point

Chips and Taco’s


I would like to invite you to become a Patreon of Awaken Games

For those of you who have followed my games over these many years, I would like to invite you to become a Patreon 

There will be lots of perks for those who do, like early access to games, exclusive games, access to game features limited to just my Patreon’s, game resources for your own projects and more!

Daffy Fish Development Update for Saturday 2/2/2019

Been a really busy few days working on the Daffy Fish project, for I’m heading into the wrap-up¬†stage and there was a lot of clean up and tuning issues to address.¬† For one thing, I had to address the startup of the game, which included re-adding the game Difficulty Select.

When I first started developing this game I wanted it to have a bit of old-school feel, with an Easy-Medium and Hard gameplay setting, but I pulled it out to make the game more straight forward.  Unfortunately, as I started my main playtesting of the game I found it to be a really challenging game to play, something I really wanted it to be, but not so hard it frustrated new players.  So now with the inclusion of Easy players will only have to play through (8) of the (20) levels to win, (12) on Medium and all (20) if they really want a challenge.

Also, I’m still on a mission to make the game more lively with sea creatures, something I can focus more on this coming week.

Lastly, on the advice of one of Awaken Games registered members I’ve launched on Twitch¬† (¬† Please bear with me, for I’m new to the whole Streaming thing, but the plan is to do it more often.¬†






Daffy Fish Production Update for the End of January

January was a really productive month for the Daffy Fish project, and while my personal goal of wrapping the game up by the end of this month isn’t¬†likely, mainly due to dealing with old code clean-up issues from porting the game over from Game Maker Studio 1 to GMS2 and scaling up the game I’m pleased with how it’s looking and playing.

This month I’ve worked to improved on the graphics, code and started to add more life to the game in the way of sea¬†creatures, which I’ve started to add to the game.

If everything¬†stays on track Daffy Fish will be out this coming month for all to enjoy ūüôā


I’m moving over to Unity 3D for all game projects, share your thoughts

For some¬†time¬†now I’ve been developing my games using Game Maker Studio 2, but as I dive more into working with Unity and it’s support for 2D Game Development continues to grow I’m thinking that moving all of my game projects over to this platform would be better.

What are your Thoughts on the matter?  Should I just port over all of my current projects to Unity?  Or, just wrap them all up using Game Maker Studio and then just use Unity for my New Games?

HYTALE is Coming – Watch Out Microsoft Minecraft

Hypixel has been working on Hytale, this gem of a game for some time now and from the look of this teaser video, it’s almost ready to launch, although no date or price has been announced for it as of yet.

While everyone that knows me knows that I totally love playing around with Minecraft, I have also been really disappointed at the lack of progress Microsoft has made in advancing this concept.

Part of this I can understand, for I’m sure they don’t want to alienate the extremely¬†vast and loyal fan base Minecraft has, but as a developer, I also have to acknowledge that Microsoft could have just split them into a deluxe version, which included more advanced features set.

But now Hytale seems to be heading to market soon and Microsoft will find themselves playing catch-up.

Microsoft has the manpower to do this quickly, but once Hytale hits the market the new Minecraft will seem like a copy of Hytale and not the other way around, a position I know Microsoft will hate finding themselves in.

Only time will tell if the video we’ve all seen of Hytale¬†will become the Minecraft killer some have predicted or is there enough space in the gaming world for both.

Personally, I relish the competition Hytale will bring to Minecraft, for it might just be the kick in the pants Microsoft needs to finally advance that game.

What are your thoughts?