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This is my own personal playground for small projects I’ve developed just for the fun of it.  All of these have been designed and developed by me.  Any feedback is always welcome, just contact me at

Chips and Tacos (Click to Play)
I’ve had some random maze code sitting around for ages that I once used for creating random dungeons for some of my early RPG games, so I wanted to see if I could make a simple Pac-Man like game, so Chips and Tacos was born.  (I still have a few tuning issues to work out)Status: The game is almost done (90%)

daffy_fish1s Daffy Fish (Click to Play)
Daffy Fish is my take on the classic Flappy Fish game, but with a twist.  In Daffy Fish you play as a flying fish that has to make his way through a maze of levels while jumping in and out of the water, always making sure to return to the water to replenish air.Status: The game is almost done (80%), so Feedback Welcome.


Melting Point
Melting Point is my first venture into programming a simple casual puzzle game while at the same time indulging my desire to blow things up with fireworks.  In this game you play a flame that has to navigate through a series of puzzle levels, melting ice blocks in your way, using special devices and setting off fireworks to clear each level. (Design Page)Status: The game is almost done (70%), so Feedback Welcome.


Extreme Lander
I’ve always been a fan of the old classic arcade game Lunar Lander and Caverns of Mars for the Atari home computers and thought I would make one of my own.  In this game you have to take your ship around an alien world and rescue stranded Astronauts.Status: The game is almost done (50%), so Feedback Welcome.


Hillbilly Ruckus (Coming Soon!)
Hillbilly Ruckus is a good old fashion hillbilly target shooting game with three modes of play, Quick Draw, Dead Eye and Showdown.  There will be a wide selection of weapons and there are selectable levels of difficulty.  (Design Page)


Yeti Rampage (Coming Soon!)
I was always a fan of the old text games like ZORK, but one I really stuck was an old adventure game called Attack of the Yeti for the TSR 80 (Radio Shack) computers.  While Yeti Rampage isn’t a full text adventure game I try to pay homage to the spirit of these old games with this product.  (Design Page)
Games Copyright by William H. Anderson all rights reserved
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