Alien Earth

I was just 5 years old when they arrived, in massive starships that blotted out the sun.

At first, their arrival scared the living crap out of people, but then they started meeting with the leaders of nations all over the world, promising piece for all mankind.

Nations stopped warring with one another and our world population quickly grew as our new alien friends showed us how to grow more food and in areas of the world where we never thought food would grow before.

Ten years of prosperity passed with the Aliens never asking anything from us, as they just seem content in our prosperity and watching our numbers grow.

It never dawned on us at the time, that our numbers growing was just what they wanted!

In secret, at one strategic location in each country around the world, one of their largest ships would land and they would erect a large wall around it.

We were told it was for temporary colony locations for their own, for they were said to be shy and didn’t like to mingle with human populations.

Of course, we had no resin to question this, for they didn’t mind us flying over the places and taking pictures.

It seemed there were just what they said, alien towns built up around the landing sites of their ships.

We were wrong!

No one ever thought to look to see what they were doing underground, as they were building vast processing facilities for us.

It turned out that we were exactly what they came here for, intelligent beings that would be their disposable workforce throughout the universe.

Slaves that would do the dangerous work their race didn’t want to do, such as building more starships, working on hostile planets and mining asteroids.

Our new alien friend’s turned out to be nothing more than galactic slavers.

In our naivety, we always thought through Hollywood’s depiction of aliens that they would someday come to earth to destroy us all, or take our natural resources, what we never imagined was that we would be that resource.

I guess the joke was on us, for it wasn’t long after these facilities were done that a new alien species appeared and started abducting people.

At first, these creatures would only come out at night, like the bogeyman, hitting small homes and towns on the outskirts of the main cities to harvest people.

They didn’t look like the Xavins, the aliens we all knew, for the Xavins we’re gray, about seven feet tall thin bipeds with large black eyes.  These new aliens had two massive legs, four arms with long fingers and long claw-like nails with blood red slit eyes.

These aliens ran like a pack of wolves, only scattering when in pursuit of individual humans.  They also would make this unnerving rattling sound before an attack, almost like a rattlesnake.

At night you could hear them circling a home or small town as if trying to frighten their prey out of hiding and get them scattering across the land.

The Xavins at first staunchly denied knowing what these new aliens were or where they came from, even going as far as pretending to help us investigate abductions.

This all changed one night when a farmer in Texas was smart enough to tag one of these creatures with a cow tracking GPS locator, showing it heading right to one of the Xavin’s mother ships.

Once it hit the news there was no more need for secrecy by the aliens and raids ramped up a thousand fold, not just here in our country but all over the world.

No longer were they restricting their activities to the night, now raids would come at any time of the day as well, with no warning.

The Collectors would appear out of holes in the ground, scatter around like cockroaches, grab one or two people each and vanish back into their holes.

The only ones spared from these raids were the kids and pregnant women, which the Collectors would take great pains not to harm, although the sick or the elderly were not so lucky.

Havengers, as we now call them, didn’t seem to have a need for the chronically ill or the old, and while they wouldn’t go out of their way to kill them, none the less wouldn’t hesitate if any got in their way or tried to stop them from their harvest.

The other people the Xavin’s didn’t harvest were politicians in key leadership positions, which we call Puppets now, for the Xavin’s would install a device on their necks to monitor their activities.

As long as they kept the piece and played nice with the aliens they were permitted to go about their lives, but any disobedience then they would be immediately terminated in horrifying ways.

The resistance during this time was almost non-existent, for they had long convinced us that piece was the way to go, with most nations giving up their arms to focus all of their resources on the growth of their cities.

So when the human harvest finally came the aliens quickly took out what little remained of earth’s military forces and weapons manufacturing facilities.

On the surface, our world looked unchanged, for these alien conquerors were not interested in wasting time or resources destroying cities, for we humans were the valuable resources they wanted and we played right into their hands.

(More to Come!)