On Aladdin, for the Sega Genesis, I was the Senior Game Designer on the project and designed the first four levels for the game. I also trained and managed the other two level designers on the project. Aladdin was developed in only 3.5 months and sold over 4 million copies on just a single platform and won Game of the Year.


Game of the Year Award!
EGM Video game of the Year!
Best Movie to Game Award!
CES Best of Show!

No matter how you slice it, Aladdin, the video game, just like its cinematic counterpart, is an instant classic.

The first level design I created for Aladdin.  This was the same design sent over to Disney to help get the development contract.  I had to design this level in just one night.

The Dungeon level design I did for Aladdin 

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