My name is William Anderson, a.k.a. Bill and I’m a veteran Lead Game Designer with a rich history in the video game industry. Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of serving as the lead game designer on several iconic titles, including Aladdin, Cool Spot, and The Jungle Book, all developed by Virgin Games. My passion for game design has driven me to create immersive and memorable gameplay experiences that have resonated with players worldwide.

In addition to my work at Virgin Games, I’ve held senior positions at esteemed companies such as CAPCOM and NAMCO USA. During my tenure, I had the opportunity to contribute as a senior game designer at CAPCOM and later as the manager of design at NAMCO USA, just to name a few notable studios, where I played a key role in shaping the creative direction of various projects.

One of the highlights of my career was serving as the lead game designer on CAPCOM’s Maximo Ghost to Glory. This project allowed me to showcase my expertise in crafting compelling gameplay mechanics and engaging player experiences.

Furthermore, I’m proud to have developed the original gameplay designs for Abes Oddysee, another milestone game in my career that reflects my dedication to innovation and pushing the boundaries of game design.

As I continue to evolve in this dynamic industry, I remain committed to pushing the envelope and inspiring the next generation of game designers to create groundbreaking experiences that captivate audiences worldwide.