2016 E3 – EA Press Conference Impressions


EA Press Conference Impressions

1: Titanfall 2 (Looks awesome and excited to see single player mode)

2: Madden 17 (Boring!)

3: Mass Effect Andromeda (Looks Awsome! On my to buy list!)

4: FIFA The Journey (Why oh why add a Story Mode, boring and useless in a sports game!)

5: Fe (Indie Game, looks intriguing but not enough shown to draw in into buying yet)

6: Star Wars (WTF EA!  Show something new, other than new environments and characters.  Didn’t really say anything new you can’t find on the web already)

7: Battlefield 1 (Was skeptical about a WW1 BF game but I’m sold after seeing this and will be on my to buy list)

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